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What if you could have at your fingertips more than 200,000 ready-to-use coupons? And not just any deals, but savings of up to 50% at neighborhood restaurants, retail stores, hotels, auto shops and more, redeemable in virtually EVERY market in America. With no printed coupons necessary, and no confusion at the point of sale. Welcome to the GPS My Deals app! Not only does it use actual GPS functionality to find your nearest deals, but its on-screen coupons are welcomed at over 200,000 merchant locations throughout America including national chains such as Target, Papa John’s pizza, Jiffylube,, Six Flags Theme Parks and more!

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Platinum Travel Club

The Global Platinum Travel Club (PTC) is a travel program focused on superior travel deals. As a GPTC member, you will be privy to amazing travel deals! With your membership, you will have access to WORLDWIDE exclusive travel deals including condo rentals, resorts, hotel accommodations, cruises and more!

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Travel Research Fee

(3) Three additional written quotes... (delivery time will depend upon the nature of the request)

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